Adventure Learning Camps

Staff and Volunteers

Donal posing by Pacific Crest Trail sign

Donal’s a P.C.T. veteran.

Director and Trip Leader:
Donal Wilkinson

Donal is the founder of Adventure Learning. Donal has had many occupations, and most of them have revolved around education in some way. He has been an outdoor school teacher, teacher trainer, and director; managed land for The Nature Conservancy; been the assistant director of a non-profit tree planting organization; a politician; managed a restaurant; firefighter / EMT; classroom teacher; farmer; and general contractor. He is currently getting his National Teaching Certificate and volunteers for the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse as well as serving as the Youth Advisor for the senior High School youth group. In his spare time he is an actor, quilts and well… he really doesn’t have much spare time.

Assistant Trip Leader: Ashley Bell

Volunteer Coordinator: Needed! Volunteer for this position.

Equipment Manager: Brandon Borchers

Sewing/Equipment Repair: Jen Whitney

Bookkeeper: Karen Thomas

Office Volunteers: Andrew Charles, Dawn Hamilton, Teddy Jarrett, Raylene Johnson, John Kirkland, Christine Stordahl

Webmaster: Gabe Gibler