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Turning the Next Corner

As we come upon our fourth year we have just turned another major corner... we have an office! It is located at 1320 S Mountain View Rd in Moscow. We happened upon a wonderful opportunity that we could not pass up, even though we were not quite financially ready for the move. We found a 1,200 square foot space with two offices and a big equipment area. No more Rubbermaids piled high in Donal’s carport; no more being squished into a tiny room in the basement. It has parking, is in a visible location, and opens the door to many more possibilities.

What opportunities does this create? We can be more organized and streamlined for trip preparation. Volunteers can help more easily now that we have a place to put them. We can budget for two Americorps members for the next year which will allow us to offer simultaneous trips with two trip leaders for next summer.

Now that we have more space, it also means we can fill it up with more stuff! See our wish list to see if you have anything that might help us out.