Adventure Learning Camps

Volunteer Openings!

Volunteers are an integral part of our Adventures. Scroll through the list to find the position or department that works for you.

  • Position: Volunteer Coordinator
    • Location: Moscow/Pullman Area
    • Description: Create interest in volunteering for Adventure Learning Camps, and locate and recruit interested parties. Create and manage listings for volunteering opportunities. Coordinate with the director, and schedule the efforts of volunteers as needed for trips, promotions, and internal functions.
    • Requirements: Access to a computer with Internet, a printer and a phone.
    • Approx Time: 5-10 hrs/wk
  • Position: Publicity Director
    • Location: Anywhere
    • Description: Write and send out press releases and public service announcements to a wide variety of media outlets across the Northwest about upcoming trips. Coordinate with Area Directors or Representatives to locate the most beneficial media sources in their areas. Create flyers and email to all Area Directors/Representatives for local posting. Print and hang flyers in your own area, if necessary. Design, create and distribute display boards to Area Representatives for tabling at events. Coordinating media releases with the current website. Collaborating with the Webmaster for consistency
    • Requirements: Access to a computer with Internet.
    • Approx Time: 5 hrs/wk
  • Position: Area Directors and Representatives
    (1 Dir. and 1 Rep. needed for each location)
    • Location: Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Moscow, Seattle, Spokane, Pullman, Portland, Eugene, Tri-Cities
    • Description: Post flyers received from the Publicity Director on local bulletin boards and in store windows. Identify possible tabling events in your geographic location; schedule event, set up provided display and answer questions about Adventure Learning’s mission, goals, vision and trips. Refer potential scholarship recipients in your area to the Scholarship Program Director. Work directly with the Executive Director, coordinating rides for participants in your area.
    • Requirements: Access to a computer with Internet, a color printer, a phone and a car.
    • Approx Time: 4-6 hrs/wk, depending on events tabled, number of flyers you post and if you provide rides to designated meeting places with the Executive Director.
  • Position: Grant Specialist
    • Location: Anywhere
    • Description: Research grant opportunities Adventure Learning qualifies for. Contact possible grantees, write letters of intent, provide grant requirements and due dates to the Volunteer Coordinator. Write and edit grants, send to Executive Director for review and submit to organization. Submit a summary of your activities to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the newsletter, 3x/yr.
    • Requirements: Access to a computer with Internet, a printer and a phone.
    • Approx Time: 3-4 hrs/wk
  • Position: Newsletter Editor
    • Location: Anywhere
    • Description: Compile our 2 page newsletter 3x/yr using articles written by each of the director heads. Solicit articles from other volunteers, staff and the board of directors on varying environmental, wilderness and behind the scenes workings of Adventure Learning topics. Write any leftover articles not taken. Email to the Data Entry and Mailings Director for distribution.
    • Requirements: Access to a computer with Internet, Adobe Reader.
    • Approx Time: 2 hrs/wk
  • Position: Scholarship Program Director
    • Location: Anywhere
    • Description: As our scholarship program grows we will need someone to solicit scholarships from all our market areas, coordinate the distribution of scholarships and report on them in the newsletter. This candidate should be personable, good on the phone and comfortable with writing.
    • Requirements: n/a
    • Approx Time: 5-10 hrs/wk
  • Position: Data Entry and Mailings Director, Database Director
    • Location: Moscow/Pullman Area
    • Description: Input data from membership onto a computer file using Microsoft Excel or Access. Mail out membership letters, brochures, postcards, newsletters, etc. Keep track of members’ status, sending out and updating membership renewals as necessary.
    • Requirements: Access to a computer with Internet, a printer capable of printing labels and the program Excel or Access.
    • Approx Time: 2 hrs/wk
  • If becoming a Department Director is a little more than you would like to commit right now, you may assist the current Director of any department you like.

There is always plenty to do in a non-profit like ours. If there is a dream position or job you would like that is not listed here, don’t hesitate to speak your heart’s desires.

So fill out our volunteer application and let the adventure begin!

Let us know how we can serve you while you are serving us. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with your questions or comments.