Adventure Learning Camps

Scholarship Program

The Purpose

The scholarship program is designed to enable low-income children to participate in educational opportunities they are unable to afford. The amount of the scholarship will vary depending on the trip costs, from one-half to the full cost of the trip. We don’t want cost to bar a child from being able to have a wilderness learning experience.


  1. The applicant fills out an application and gets one letter of reference from a teacher, counselor, principal, minister, or youth leader and sends them to Adventure Learning.
  2. The applicant will be selected by a committee on an objective and non-discriminatory basis and consistent with the purpose of the fund.
  3. Criteria such as religion, race, ethnic group or gender cannot be used in the selection process, and applicants must not be directly related to the members of the scholarship committee, the Board of Directors or substantial contributors.
  4. The scholarship committee reviews the application and decides on the dollar amount of the scholarship based on need of applicant, cost of trip, and the amount of money in the scholarship fund.
  5. The scholarship committee notifies the applicant within ten business days of receipt.

To apply for a scholarship, click here. For complete information, continue reading.

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Children up to the age of 17 are eligible. Recipients are selected based on documented financial need. Parent or guardian must provide proof of need, e.g. through school lunch vouchers or documentation demonstrating household income. A recipient maintains eligibility for scholarships by being in need financially and by demonstrating due respect toward Adventure Learning Camps and the educational opportunities offered. The scholarship is used on a trip-by-trip basis, and the recipient’s respectful presence on the trip fulfills the terms of the scholarship agreement. Students who fail to participate in the specified trip are not eligible for future scholarships. Relatives of members of the selection committee or of officers, directors or substantial contributors are not eligible for scholarships.

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee will be made up of three to five board members. Committee members must be members of the Board of Directors of Adventure Learning Camps, Inc. The Board President appoints a scholarship committee chair and the rest of the committee members are self-selected. This committee will ensure that the scholarship program is publicized; will evaluate, select, and inform scholarship recipients; will maintain accurate records of scholarship recipients; and will review the application and the application process annually.

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Criteria for Selection

  1. Financial need is proven.
  2. Preference is given to those who have never received a scholarship from Adventure Learning.
  3. A number value 1–10 is placed on each of the four questions on the second page of the application.
  4. A number value is also placed on the letter of reference.

Scholarship Fund

The number of grants made annually will be determined by the amount of funds available in the scholarship fund and the cost of trips in which recipients participate. As a recipient is decided upon, the scholarship funds are disbursed until depleted. Scholarship funds are solicited through the membership, newsletters, the website and other marketing materials.

Scholarship Amount

A minimum reward level of 50% of the base cost of the trip is recommended. To ensure that the scholarship recipient takes advantage of the opportunity a minimum fee should be required in most situations. This minimum fee could be the cost of transportation, and camping fees and permits. If the participants can pay a higher percentage than 50% of base costs they should, in order to maintain the scholarship fund for other children.